Bad Photos Kill Real Estate Deals: PROOF INSIDE

Bad photos don’t make for good real estate deals. As most of you know, I am an active Texas REALTOR® with a very successful real estate company in Austin, Texas. Between pricing properties for one client and looking for homes under $200,000 for another, I stumbled upon a house that meets the “$200K and under criteria” perfectly. Then I got to the photos and felt like this was the perfect time to remind everyone (including real estate professionals) how important photos are when selling your home. And this is why I started PhotographRGV; To revolutionize the way Greater McAllen listings are presented to the market by taking awesome, professional photographs for other agents and brokers in the Rio Grande Valley. One, because I can and two because it’s a very needed service. Imagine spending only $100 or so for a full set of professional HDR photos of this house? Instead, you get them as I found them. (No, the house isn’t crooked, the walls aren’t yellow and the rooms really aren’t that small.)

under 200k example austin